The Women Of Star Trek: High Priestess Miramanee

by Laura Goodwin

High Priestess Miramanee (Sabrina Scharf)

Edith Keeler blah, blah, blah great love of Kirk's life blah, blah, blah. Baloney!  Kirk barely knew Edith Keeler. He never made it past first base with her. She never had a chance to prove her love for him, and he certainly failed to prove his love for her.

And why make such a big deal about Kirk's forced interracial kiss with Uhura, when Kirk had a very happy interracial MARRIAGE with Priestess Miramanee? Kir-ok was so ecstatically happy about his marriage to her that he hugged himself at one point out of sheer, pure, unalloyed JOY.

Jim Kirk was married to Miramanee for nearly 2 months, and he got her pregnant, and everything! Jim and Miramanee were apparently deliriously happy with each other.

High Priestess Miramanee was far beyond Kirk's dame du jour:  she was a spiritual leader to her tribe, she was utterly respectable: a lady through and through.  She was Kir-ok's full-fledged wife, until the day she died.  Don't forget that Kir-ok was a God and Medicine chief at the time.  That clearly would make her, his wife, the highest ranking woman on the planet.

She was the only wife Jim Kirk ever had, and he genuinely loved her, as she genuinely loved him.  She was a beautiful, dignified, gentle, loving soul, with a magnificant spirit - who proved her endless love and undying loyalty to her husband in a most spectacular way.  

Miramanee obviously loved Jim quite sincerely. She was courageously and selflessly loyal to him to the last, even when her whole tribe turned against him! She took her place at his side while he was being stoned, and this incredible act of devotion cost her her life. It was literally until death did them part. Doesn't that count as a great love!?  Yes, it does.  

She was arguably Jim Kirk's greatest love, but she was also a decent, good, noble person of high ideals and strong, pure passions - and that is why she is one of the greatest among the great ladies of Star Trek.

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