The Women Of Star Trek: Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas

by Laura Goodwin

Lt. Carolyn Palamas (Leslie Parrish)

Lieutenant Palamas is the A&A officer (anthropology and archeology) aboard the Starship Enterprise. When we first meet her, she is delivering a report to Captain Kirk that she stayed up all night working on. When Mr. Scott invites her to go for coffee with him, it's obvious to everyone that he's enamored of her, but that Palamas is just being friendly.

Kirk and crew suddenly encounter a creature who claims to be the Earth God Apollo. Palamas goes ashore with the landing party when they beam down to investigate.

When the hunky Apollo lays eyes on the beautiful Palamas, he is instantly smitten. Palamas is dazzled to meet a living God, and in no time at all she and Apollo are an item. This arouses jealous rage in Mr. Scott.

At one point the lovesick Apollo offers to make Palamas a Goddess, the queen of a new race of Gods. She is very tempted by this, largely because she is fiercely attracted to the handsome God who would be her king and husband.

Captain Kirk doesn't mind if Lt. Palamas wants a God for a boyfriend, but he does have a problem with Apollo's desire to keep them all there against their will. Ultimately Kirk asks Palamas to spurn Apollo, as part of an escape plan.

Palamas got her orders and she plainly didn't like them. Kirk was asking her to break Apollo's heart and her own as well, and that was bad enough, but it was also a very dangerous thing she was being asked to do, because, to the others, Apollo had proven himself to be powerfully dangerous, and violent when aroused.

Nevertheless, despite her misgivings and despite the danger, Palamas did her duty. Apollo reacted very badly and threw a huge tantrum, terrorizing everybody - but this tired him out as Kirk hoped, and they were then able to defeat him and regain their freedom.

So, who is Carolyn Palamas? She's a hardworking and brave Starfleet officer, who could have become a Goddess, but chose instead to risk danger for, and remain loyal to, her comrades.

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