The Women Of Star Trek: Eve McHuron

by Laura Goodwin

Eve McHuron (Karen Steele)

Eve McHuron was one of three women that agreed to travel with Harry Mudd to Ophiuchus-3, in the hope of finding a husband there. Mudd had convinced Eve and her two companions to ingest a Venus drug to improve their attractiveness, and thereby their chances with men.

Captain Kirk arrested Mudd for illegal operation of his vessel, and this spoiled the original plan. Eve McHuron next decided to try to make a play for the handsome Captain Kirk. We are given some reason to believe that Mudd put her up to it.

She let herself into Kirk's room while he was out - without his knowlege, much less his invitation. He was surprised and dismayed to discover her waiting for him... in his bed. Kirk was not amused. He tried being polite, but he did tell Eve that he minded her being there, and when she tried to seduce him even after that, she failed. Kirk never pursued her, he did not encourage her, and nothing much happened between them, despite her best efforts. To Eve's credit, she appeared to be a complete amateur at the seduction game.

She and Kirk most emphatically never had a fling. They didn't even kiss. Kirk made it rather plain that he wasn't really interested in her.

Why was such a gorgeous dame crossing half the galaxy simply to find a man? Well, for one thing, she wasn't as gorgeous as she appeared: the Venus drug helped her a lot. For another thing, she came from a sparsely populated colony where the only bachelors apparently were her brothers. For another thing, she wasn't contented with any old husband, she apparently was strongly motivated to get a rich husband. Apparently Eve was tired of being poor, on top of everything else.

Later in the episode, Eve ended up hooking up with a grumpy but filthy-rich lithium miner named Ben. All Eve really wanted was to get married, and she wasn't super-particular about who with - as long as the guy had money, and would have her.

To her credit, Eve was the only one of the four who seemed to be suffering from any moral qualms about what they were doing. She also stood up to her miner pal's carping rather well, which proved that she had a spine. She also revealed at the end that she was unafraid of hard work, and the unglamorous life of a spouse of a miner, on a lonely, barely habitable world. At episode's end we were allowed to assume that come what may, no matter what wacky curveballs life threw her way, Eve would be just fine. McHuron's a tough cookie: a survivor.

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