The Women Of Star Trek: Yeoman Mears

by Laura Goodwin

 Yeoman Mears (Phyllis Douglas)

In The Galileo Seven, when Spock and a small party took a shuttlecraft to study Murasaki 312, cute Yeoman Mears went along for the ride. She was one of the few who survived that traumatic adventure.

She was not Kirk's girlfriend. She was not Spock's girlfriend. She didn't seem to be anybody's girlfriend. She honestly seems to be there for the same reason that everybody else is there: because she she has a job to do.

We don't really learn much about her, but to Mear's credit, she behaves at least as professionally as anybody else does on Taurus 2, and better than some. They have a very rough landing, but she bravely dismisses her injury as "a little bump on the head". She also manages to stay out of trouble and keep herself alive, so obviously she did better than a couple of the others did on that occasion. Best of all, she kept a stiff upper lip and never screamed, cried, fainted, or any other silly, stereotypical girly garbage like that.

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