The Women Of Star Trek: Lieutenant Charlene Masters

by Laura Goodwin

Yes, she's a Lieutenant (Janet MacLachien)

We meet this handsome young woman in The Alternative Factor. Despite the lack of braid on her sleeves, she is definitely identified as a Lieutenant more than once. She has several small scenes. We first see her on the bridge, handing Kirk something to sign, and they exchange a few words. We see her again in the break room, hanging out with a female comrade. At one point, while she's working in the engineering section, Kirk asks her via intercom to prepare a dilithium crystal experimentation chamber (for experiments, I guess), and just as she is telling him via intercom that the chamber will be ready in 10 minutes, she is attacked from behind by Lazarus.

She's not working alone. She has a male assistant, whom Lazarus had dealt with moments before.

Lt. Masters was present when Kirk later interrogated Lazarus about his crimes, so she obviously survived the attack.

She conducted herself in a dignified and professional manner at all times.

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