The Women Of Star Trek: Yeoman Janice Rand

by Laura Goodwin

Yeoman Janice Rand  (Grace Lee Whitney)

Yeoman Rand was not chosen by Kirk, she was assigned to him. She apparently served as a personal secretary and aide to the Captain. Kirk didn't particularly like Rand, but he tolerated her.

He had no real reason to dislike her: she apparently was competent. To be the Captain's personal Yeoman must be some kind of an honor.

Rand apparently developed a crush on Kirk, a fact which he was aware of, but didn't actually encourage. In Miri, Rand tearfully begged Kirk to look at her legs (apparently because he never would have looked unless she flat out asked him to) - and he humored her a little, but really, he wasn't interested.

In The Enemy Within, Kirk's bestial half sought out Rand, called her "too much woman", and tried to rape her, but she fought like a tigress (successfully, no doubt thanks to Starfleet women's self-defense training). Maybe she did want Kirk, but she certainly didn't want him like that.

In Charlie X, when Charlie gave Rand a swat on the fanny, she protested, and chastised him for it. Later she asked the Captain to give the kid a talking to on her behalf, and Kirk was happy to oblige. In Kirk's conversation with Charlie that followed, it was made clear that Kirk has great respect for Rand, and for women's rights in general.

In Naked Time, Captain Kirk said some vague things that showed that he recognized that Rand was worthy of attention, but at the end of that episode he resisted a fleeting urge to reach out and touch her.

Yeoman Rand was never Kirk's lover. Their only relationship was a professional one.

We never really learned very much about Rand, but we do know she was a brave, self-respecting young lady, she was good at her job, and she was on good terms with her comrades aboard the Enterprise.

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